Standing Up For Eritrea

United Eritrean Communities is an independent grassroots organisation fighting for human rights and democracy in Eritrea.

Our Work


BBC: Ethiopia PM Ahmed Abiy admits Eritrea forces in Tigray

Published by the BBC. Ethiopia’s prime minister has acknowledged for the first time that troops from neighbouring Eritrea have been in the Tigray region following the outbreak of conflict in November. For months both countries have denied that troops crossed the border. Abiy Ahmed told MPs that Eritrean forces came fearing they would be attackedContinue reading “BBC: Ethiopia PM Ahmed Abiy admits Eritrea forces in Tigray”

BBC: Tigray conflict: World powers condemn ‘human rights abuses’

Published by the BBC. The G7 group of leading economic powers has said it is “strongly concerned” by reports of human rights abuses in Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray region. The group, which includes the UK, US and the EU, called for the reported crimes to be investigated and those responsible to be held to account. TheyContinue reading “BBC: Tigray conflict: World powers condemn ‘human rights abuses’”

TIME: The U.N. Is Warning of an ‘Alarming’ Crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

Published by TIME. UNITED NATIONS — A U.N. humanitarian official warned Thursday of an ongoing crisis in Ethiopia’s conflict-torn Tigray region, pointing to targeted civilian killings, over 500 recent rape cases, an increasing number of people fleeing violence, 4.5 million people needing food, and children on the brink of starvation. Wafaa Said, the deputy humanitarianContinue reading “TIME: The U.N. Is Warning of an ‘Alarming’ Crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region”

What We Do

Expose Human Rights Violations

United Eritrean Communities’ researchers are monitoring and producing reports concerning human rights violations in Eritrea. The organisation takes a proactive role in highlighting the abuses to European governments.

Promote Democracy

United Eritrean Communities is using its network of affiliates and relationships to pressure the Eritrean government and other governments to initiate democratic reforms in the country.

Support Eritrean Diaspora

Since 2018, United Eritrean Communities and our network of volunteers have supported Eritreans fleeing the country from persecution and helping them settle in Europe.